1. Pedagogy: ITE pedagogy & TPCK

The technology as an information processing tool takes away the traditional information giving role of the teacher. This basic functionality of technology by default requires the teachers to take a facilitative than an informative role. The ITE approach requires the teachers to play a central role. The teachers design instruction and integrate technology and then facilitate students to process the content to create learning artifacts using technology. Thus, this approach by design requires a student-centred pedagogy.

TPCK- The TPCK framework by Kohler and Mishra builds on Shulman’s (1986,1987) descriptions of PCK to explain how teachers’ understanding of educational technologies and PCK interact with one another to produce effective teaching with technology.In the model below, there are three main components of teachers’ knowledge: content, pedagogy, and technology. Equally important to the model are the interactions between andamong these bodies of knowledge, represented as PCK (pedagogicalcontent knowledge), TCK (technological content knowledge), TPK (technological pedagogical knowledge), and TPACK (technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge).

  • Teacher Training
  • Digitally enabled centres
  • Community Engagement
  • Wireless Connectivity