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Both of these technical indicators are oscillators, but they are calculated quite differently. One of the main differences is that the Stochastic Oscillator is bound between zero and 100, while the CCI is unbounded. Also horizontal levels can be added or removed in “Levels” tab in the settings window. While the word continuation could apply to the trend change pullback strategy, we should focus on the intention behind the trade. This is a four hour chart of a Forex pair and will show both long and short trades. This is a more conservative approach which would require some type of pullback in price or the CCI.

Also, read trading discipline which is also a most important skill for successful trading. This means that we can use the crossing of the zero line to gauge a shift in the market sentiment. As you may guess by now, the only indicator you need to spot new market cycles is the CCI indicator.

What Are The Advantages of Using The CCI indicator?

The CCI is located in the MetaTrader4 terminal in a separate window below the price chart. The settings are simple – the period and the price to be used in calculations. The purpose of the indicator is to determine the moment of a trend reversal. The oscillator line moves from 0 to +100 in a bullish trend and from 0 to -100 in a bearish trend. The green boxes in the figure below show a bullish trend (0 to+100), while re boxes show a bearish trend (0 to -100).

The calculation that includes the .015, is designed to ensure that the majority of the time, the levels of +100 and -100 contain price. From there, traders expect a retrace in price and often look for reversal trades. However, unlike other oscillators, one should use CCI in conjunction with price or other indicators rather than looking on a standalone basis. Many traders use the CCI along with other indicators for further signal confirmation.

CCI Advantages and Disadvantages

The 0.015 constant ensures 70 to 80 percent of CCI values fall within the +100 to -100 range. On this chart, we’ve had the trend change as well as the first pullback after the change. On the left, we can see upside momentum stalling as we pull back into the EMA.

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Rather than just relying on the Close price, the Typical price aims to capture an asset’s total price movement for the day in one number. The equation itself uses fairly simple mathematics – subtraction, multiplication, and division. Some of the components that are subtracted, multiplied, and divided can get a little more complicated. We want to see a weak retrace in the CCI indicator that barely goes below the +100 level, but at the same time, we need to look at the price action retracing more than the CCI did. As a leading indicator, the Commodity Channel indicator can provide us with excellent great trade signals. So, we go one step forward to find an entry signal day trading with the CCI.

quiz: What is divergence

You can use CCI to adjust the strategy rules to make the strategy more stringent or lenient. For example, when using multiple timeframes, make the strategy more stringent by only taking long positions on the shorter timeframe when the longer-term CCI is above +100. This reduces the number of signals but ensures the overall trend is strong. A basic CCI strategy is used to track the CCI for movement above +100, which generates buy signals, and movements below -100, which generates sell or short trade signals. Investors may only want to take the buy signals, exit when the sell signals occur, and then re-invest when the buy signal occurs again. However, we found better results changing the CCI indicator settings to a 30 periods moving average.

Because, in this case, we would only be looking at today’s deviation from average (the numerator) in relation to the average deviation from average. You’ll use the same period that you used for the simple moving average (5, 14, 20, 34… whatever). For simplicity’s sake, let’s say that today is Friday and we’ve opted to use a 5-period look-back for our CCI equation.

stock cci indicator

One should enter the stock when this indicator cross 100, as it which indicates a buy signal and exit the stock when this indicator cross -100, as it which indicates a sell signal. Developed by Donald Lambert, the CCI is a momentum oscillator that you can use to identify trend continuation and reversal. Whereas the numerator in the CCI indicator calculation looks at today’s deviation from the SMA. The mean deviation looks at the average deviation over the entire period. There’s a school of thought that feels that using the median instead of the average is preferable in a lot of situations. Particularly situations where one number (period) can impact an average drastically.

Commodity Channel Index Trading Strategy

The denominator serves to give us an easy-to-digest normal range of values for the CCI between -100 and 100. They say this constant should make the CCI fall between those values 70% to 80%. This tells us, in essence, the magnitude of the difference between today’s deviation from average versus the usual deviation from average. The higher or lower the CCI, the greater the magnitude of the difference.

The red dotted lines show five signals, one in late 2007 and four in 2008. The sell signal in late February did not work out that well, but the others aligned with SPY peaks quite well. The CCI indicator strategy was really designed to find cyclical trends in the market and to be used as a bearish or bullish filter. The CCI is simply an oscillator indicator that moves the majority of the time between +100 and -100.

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While studying the chart of an asset, investors may notice that the price movement can be in the opposite direction from the indicator’s movement. This can be interpreted as a strong sign of an upcoming trend reversal. It is a great chance for investors to open buy or sell positions using an efficient trading tool called the CCI divergence. The core element to comprehend the trend of the market is to monitor the value of the CCI line. Thus, when the indicator is higher than +100, it is considered to be a buy signal since the market is beginning to be on an uptrend. Conversely, if the indicator shows values below the -100 it is thought to be the beginning of a strong downtrend, and sell signals are generated.

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  • A rally to 100 or -100 to signal a new trend may come too late, as the price has had its run and is starting to correct already.
  • However, this indicator can also provide highly reliable signals to enter the market.
  • Investors may only want to take the buy signals, exit when the sell signals occur, and then re-invest when the buy signal occurs again.

This is an extra confirmation for the investors that it is a buying trade. Thus, they could consider a bullish reversal of the asset’s price. This scan reveals stocks that are in an uptrend with oversold CCI turning up.

Now, we don’t recommend completely relying on these signals alone. You need to use them in combination with your price action reading skills. You have to keep in mind that technical indicators are just mathematical equations.

With the bullish signal in force, the focus would have been on bullish setups with a good reward-to-risk ratio. Notice that the stock retraced around 62% of the prior advance and formed a falling flag by the end of June. The subsequent surge above the flag trend line provided another bullish signal with CCI still in bull mode.